How to Clean an Old Headstone

Preserving the Past
Cemeteries are where many of us choose for the our final resting place. It is an eternal place where our loved ones will return to pay their respect to us, but as time goes on, the headstone may become worn, discolored, covered with lichen, or even broken.

If you’ve been to a cemetery to visit a loved one, you have probably noticed head stones in desperate need of repair or at least a good cleaning.

The steps below will help you in cleaning gravestones as safely as possible to prevent further damage to the gravestone.

Types of Headstones
Most headstones are made up of natural stones which are comprised of salts/minerals. The most common types of headstones existing today are made of sandstone, granite, marble,

Tools for Cleaning a Headstone
Before you head out to the cemetery, be sure to have some basic supplies with you. These supplies include:

Jugs of distilled water (or garden hose if water access is available)
Spray bottle / garden sprayer (new, never used for any type of chemical!)
Natural bristle brush or nylon brush, varying in size and stiffness.
A firm toothbrush

Take Precautions Before Cleaning a Headstone
Before you attempt to clean a headstone, you must first check its condition. If there is evidence of any of the following, DO NOT PROCEED with cleaning:

  • Any stability issues whatsoever
  • Fractures anywhere on the stone
  • If anything even slightly suggests that the headstone is fragile or even slightly vulnerable
  • If gently tapping the stone or the base results in any hollow sound
  • A wooden headstone

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